Pursue the Podium exists because of you. Endurance racing and training can be very mysterious. Often times, top level athletes protect their regimes for success like trade secrets, unwilling to go into detail about their workouts, race preparations, or tactics. Pursue the Podium began as a group of friends talking about racing; what to do, what not to do, and how to execute. From there, ideas were cataloged, and this site was born to create a space where athletes can learn about what no one talks about. Unless you are friends with an elite athlete, how could you learn about proper training, recovery and racing? We didn't see a way, and so that's why we're here.

The endurance racing community is incredible. We encourage everyone to dive in and get to know the people who regularly toe the start line of these events to test themselves. It's a special group, one that we believe you will be happy you got to know. We would hate it if you never got involved because you didn't know how to start in building fitness or where to sign up for a race. 

We write articles on training, reviews on gear, how-to guides, and lots of race reports to help prepare you for that next event, whether it's your 100th race or your very first. If you want to learn more about racing and training, browse this site. We think you'll find a lot of helpful details that will shed light on what is typically shrouded in mystery. And if you still have more questions,  please contact us HERE, we'd love to chat.

See you out there.