Grips, pedals and saddles are arguably the most important part of your bike, as they are the only points you touch. I've tried a bunch of different grips trying to find something that keeps you comfortable all day across varying terrain. After exhausted hands, numb palms and fingers, I was getting desperate. Then I saw some ESI grips. but immediately thought something that simple couldn't be the solution. Thankfully, I tried them anyway, and have never looked back. 

ESI Grips - Pursue the Podium.jpg

The simplistic design scares some off, but truly, it's precisely why people love them. With the basic round design, you can adjust your grip to maintain comfort all day. Getting locked into one position can cause nerve damage so having the ease of adjusting your hands is incredibly nice. Along with solid cushion the silicone provides, the varying thicknesses allows you to get a grip that dampens the trail chatter to whatever degree you need, keeping your hands very happy.

ESI offers a few different grips for different preferences. While the Fit XC is their super light offering, each level of grip has its own strengths for varying terrain. For races with rough and long downhills, I opt for the Chunky grip to get a bit more cushion, and it's incredible. The grip fills up my hand and makes handling the bike on the truly "chunky" trails much easier. I feel more confident riding on grips that keep me in full control. Mix that with the amazing tactile feel of the silicone (when its both wet and dry) and its a winning combo. Cover it in mud, snot, water, drink mix or sand and you're still good to go!

Downhill or uphill, ESI is the winning grip. There's a reason so many World Cup racers use them. Check them out!

ESI Gripp - Pursue the Podium.jpg