Infinit Nutrition

Nutrition is key.  It's the difference between winning a race, and being unable to finish it. The best equipment in the world won't get you through a bonk. With Infinit, it's easy. You don't need to remember to eat and drink. There is no fumbling with wrappers and sticky gels. Simply drink your water. Stay hydrated and fueled up by drinking. It doesn't get easier than that. You've trained way too hard to ruin a race by using other nutrition products. Infinit gives you the hydration, calories, protein, carbs, sodium and electrolytes you need to win. 

Check out Infinit Nutrition HERE and use the code *PTP* at checkout for 10% off your order!

Infinit Go Far - Pursue the Podium

Go Far

The bread and butter nutrition I use for training and racing long is Go Far. At almost 300 calories for a bottle, I drink one an hour and am ready for any all day event. You can read more about this perfect mix and find a coupon code HERE.

Infinit Jet Fuel - Pursue the Podium

Jet Fuel

When I need a mid race boost for a tough climb or a technical section, I inject Jet Fuel. Like a rocket, the caffeine gives me that focus I need, and keeps me sharp even after 7 hours racing. You can read more about this awesome mix and find a coupon code HERE.

Infinit Nutrition - Pursue the Podium


When I go out for a short training ride, it's all about Infinit Speed. With just the right mix of carbs, I've got the energy I need to get the work done. With less of an emphasis on calories, caffeine and protein, Speed is all about the quick burn. You can read more about this solid mix and find a coupon code HERE.

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Infinit Repair - Pursue the Podium.png


If Jet Fuel puts logs on the fire, Napalm is micro bursts of gasoline. Functioning like a gel in nutritional profile, Napalm is what I sip late in a race to ensure the engine is hot! Conveniently still mixed like a drink but slightly thicker, its the perfect compliment to all the mixes. You can read more about this secret weapon and find a coupon code HERE.


Recovery is just as important as training. Without properly repairing and replenishing your muscles, you're wasting your time training. Repair is my go to post workout drink that does it exactly what it claims, repairs, and gets me topped off and ready for the next day. Forget traditional whey mixes, Infinit nailed the flavor of this mix. Try it out and get a coupon code HERE.