Specialized Deflect Jacket and Gloves

With any piece of gear, you want two things: comfort and performance. That can work itself out in a few ways, but typically all is revealed during that first ride.

I’m a tall guy, with longer arms, so for me, comfort is something fitting me well and not feeling like a sail. TheDeflect jacket does exactly that. Never do I feel like they included more fabric than they should have. Every inch of it feels tailored well, and thoughtfully designed. From the collar that has nice fleece to keep a snug fit on your neck, to the flip out butt cover that shields you from rain/tire spray (and is high viz yellow!). It all feels smart.

And of course it works. With comfortably tight wrist and neck cuffs, the rain stays out. Match that with excellent waterproofing on the exterior, and you’ve got a winner. Now, to be clear, you’re not going to want this on a 75 degree day as a rain cape, its simply too robust for that. But during those spring and fall showers, its perfect to keep you warm and dry. I’ve even used it as a top layer on the coldest of winter days for extra warmth!

The gloves are the same story. Well waterproofed and comfortable fit. With little bulk they leave you confident to still be able to feel and use your shifters. The slim fit is a really nice change from other gloves that leave your fingers to swim around. They definitely won’t keep you warm in winter temps by themselves, but again, I don’t think that’s the purpose. More of your 40-50 degree temperature range.

My favorite moment wearing this gear was a ride I did in the mountains of Virginia on Skyline Drive. A bunch of us drove out there from Baltimore to do a huge 120+ mile ride. The forecast looked touch and go, but we banked on luck and found none. We started around 65 degrees and pouring rain and as we climbed up the first mountain, the temperature dropped to the low 40s! I was bundled in the Deflect jacket and gloves and felt great. Warm, dry. Other guys were shivering, sweating through their plasticky jackets, while I felt like I was in the perfect gear. Check out this picture from that day here, I’m the guy with the black jacket and the high viz yellow flap!

So if you’re looking for a water shedding jacket and gloves to match, these deserve a look.