Toughen Up

Tougen Up

Every branch of the military has a boot camp. Ask anyone in the service, they went through it. Typically the more demanding their role is, the tougher their boot camp was. I've heard many guys from flight navigators to special forces operators say they thought they were going to die during their version of boot camp. Death. When was the last time you thought you were going to die because of how far you were pushing yourself? Why do they do it? Because when they're on the front line, or behind enemy lines and everything is falling apart, they need to be able to think of a time when things were worse. A time when they were in more pain then they are at present. This morning the alarm went off at 5am. It was pitch black outside with 90% humidity. I got on my bike and met up with some guys for what historically is a painfully fast ride. Just as we started, it began to rain. Not sprinkle. Not drizzle. Pour.

It was miserable.

These guys are tough though. They went harder, dug deeper, and suffered more than ever. We set some records this morning, having gone faster than ever before, even in fair weather. I hated the pain, the hour of the day, the muggy weather, being soaked to the bone; but I'm tougher now.

You know what's going to happen next time we ride in mild conditions? That toughness is going to come out to play. The toughness that we built up a bit this morning is going to push us to new limits; the old ones are gone. New horizons await. New records. New goals.

So get up early. Go exercise when its dark. Go workout when its cold. Winter is not an excuse to stay inside. Summer and dehydration is not a reason to go easier. Run faster. Lift more. Two more reps. Excuses only weaken you.

You want to be better? You want to blow past your goals? Toughen up. It's been worse, and it can get worse, so get going.