Spy Optic

Spy Optics isn't the first company people think of when looking for performance eyewear. But when I found out they had eyewear beyond snow goggles a few years back, I decided to give them a try. I began wearing Spy glasses in 2013 and I absolutely fell in love with them.

The two glasses I wear riding are the Screws and the Daft glasses. Both have their strengths and exhibit awesome qualities that surpass their competitors. With a light feel on the face and excellent visual fields, these are just what you need for twisty single track and 50mph road descents.

There are a tons of ways they stand above the rest for performance eyewear but the three that stick out most to me, are ventilation, weight and price. 

Every company has a way of managing the heat your body radiates during exercise. The majority simply add slots in the lens and call it good. Spy goes much further though, and has added "scoops" to the frames of their glasses. These serve to bring air past the corner of your eyes and push the warm air past your ears. This heat management system isn't just a marketing gimmick, you can literally feel the air rushing past your temple. I've ridden in torrential down pours, rain forests, 99% humidity and still have never had the glasses fog while I was riding. It's phenomenal.  

You may not think a couple of grams make a difference on glasses but it's huge when it's on your face. Spy has some of the lightest frames on the market and it makes the comfort of their eyewear truly all-day. But the weight isn't just about grams, the frames slim and lighter design makes a difference in the malleability of the glasses. As a result the glasses never feel like they're pinching your head, and when they eventually take impact from a crash or dropping them, they aren't brittle and prone to cracking. Taking the lens out is even easier because of the flexibility of their construction. 

And lastly, Spy hasn't created glasses that will crush your wallet. Buying $75 lenses every season is a drag, but with Spy, you can get replacement lenses or a different color for only $20. That lets you have a variety of shades for different lighting situations and even replace them when they are scratched up. 

Spy has struck the balance perfectly of creating high performance glasses that are durable and don't cost a fortune. I can't recommend them highly enough.