What Kind Of Nutrition Should You Use While Racing?

Nutrition - Pursue the Podium

If you read any race reports on Pursue the Podium, you'll read something about Infinit Nutrition. But how did I come to the decision to use Infinit? And more importantly, is it the best nutrition product for you?

Every persons body is different. You will react to various nutrition offerings different than I will, which makes recommending a product difficult, right? Well, not necessarily.

Sure, everyone has different bodies, and certainly different preferences. However, the stomach is one of the most trainable parts of the body. Meaning, if you like the taste (which admittedly is good cold or warm), Infinit can work for you if you give it a shot. But why would you want it to work? What is it about Infinit that makes it so highly recommended? Ease.

When you're racing, there is a lot going through your mind. Tactics, execution, pain management; a million things at once. The last thing you want is to think about intaking the appropriate amount of fuel to supplement the kilojoules you are expending. That's why Infinit is the best solution on the market. It is simply a mindless way of getting in the calories you need to keep you performing at your optimal level that you trained for months (possibly years) to hit.

Nutrition is made up of two pieces:

First, hydration. You must be properly hydrated to keep your muscles firing on all cylinders to keep cramping at bay.

Second, you need to replace SOME of what you're expending. I say some, because the body is only capable of replacing a bit of what you are burning during exercise. Each body is different and experimentation is paramount to finding a good balance of what you personally can intake while racing and training. My rule of thumb is to take in 300 calories an hour while racing (200 while training hard) and at least 20 ounces of liquids per 60-80 minutes. While this is a pretty typical recommendation by coaches, I find it works well for me no matter what the distance or intensity.

Now, taking in 300 calories may not sound like much, but that's a pretty serious amount of calories when you start looking at bars and gels on the market. In fact, if you're used to taking in just gels, that adds up to about 3 typical gels PER HOUR! That's a lot of gels in a 3 hour race, let alone a 100 mile race. And you still have to get in that water too. When you think of it in terms of all you need to be putting down, that turns into quite an ordeal each hour. 300 calories, 20 ounces of water; rinse, repeat. When you're focusing on your effort, form, or in some races, every placement of your wheels in technical trails or aggressive road races, thinking about nutrition simply can't happen. Enter Infinit.

Nutrition - Pursue the Podium

Instead of unwrapping countless bars or gels all while ensuring you're getting your water in, I get it all in one shot, with Infinit. With the ability to choose different products that mix straight into your water to give you the exact amount of calories/caffeine/carbs that you need, you can focus on your training and racing, drink, and to get everything simultaneously. Calories, hydration, done.

I use Infinit because I have enough to think about while racing. Tearing open packets of bars and gels is not one of them. I drink to get both the pieces of nutrition I need. A couple of sips an hour and I'm good to go; all day.

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Have you used Infinit? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.