Goals - THREE

Do You Want Your Goals - Pursue the Podium

Want is one of the most powerful concepts and drivers in the world. It may be only second to fear in terms of its ability to motivate us. Want can clearly destroy your life though, especially since most crimes are committed out of a want for something specific. But when focused on good and positive goals, it is exceptionally effective.

The road to achieving things that are challenging is often times lonely, as many of us are fearful, or unwilling to commit fully to doing what it takes to accomplish that goal. That’s a tough spot to be in. Especially if no one you know is bold enough to pursue the same goals.

Yes, you can build incredible mental strength by pressing hard into accomplishing things that you want and by doing so without the support of others around you who want the same thing. But I would argue that you are much more likely to succeed if you build a community of likeminded folks around you who can help alleviate the day in and day out grind of the challenges you encounter.

Do You Want Your Goals - Pursue the Podium

I admit, I would not be a bike racer if every ride were like the double storm ride. And I doubt many would choose the most challenging careers if every day was a 14 hour day. But having a community to lean on during those tough challenges that we encounter during our pursuits, that’s the key.

Here’s an example of what that looks like practically:

It was Friday, and I knew I needed to get a long ride in on Saturday morning. Looking at the weather my heart sank a little bit. Cold, fog, mist was the forecast. Great. That is one of the worst combinations there is! Now, some might just bag the ride, not wanting to trash their bike, get soaked, and simply forego outdoor exercise. Others might suck it up and get out there and get it done. I wasn’t feeling particularly tough though, so I took option 3, and I rallied the community of riders I have, to help get it done.

I started sending out messages, trying to pull together some guys to join me in what was certainly going to be cruddy conditions. It worked great and Saturday morning we had 15 guys, fired up, and ready to head out.

Do You Want Your Goals - Pursue the Podium

Starting in the dark, I rolled and met up with a bunch of guys who would much rather have been in a warm bed than getting rained on for the next four hours. But then, we started riding. And the camaraderie of the group kept spirits high. We rode for HOURS, got soaked, and no one complained. In fact, everyone talked about how fun it was BECAUSE of the big group. I didn’t make it easy on them either. It was a hilly route, a fast ride, with mud and dirt roads thrown in. Everyone ended up totally soaked and splattered with mud; and the smiles were big.

Sometimes when you want something, there is no other option than to embrace the pain and soldier on alone. Other times, you can get creative, and utilize people to help you get where you want to go.