Bontrager Flash Charger Review

Tubeless tires are now as common as disc brakes in mountain biking. What was once though unnecessary has been fully accepted and adopted by the masses. With better flat protection capabilities at lower pressures, there is little reason these days to NOT run tubeless if you want optimal performance.

Bontrager Flash Charger

But wow, getting tubeless tires set up is still a PAIN. First there’s the gear component. Tires and rims are being made with tubeless setups in mind, but they’re still not perfect. One tire might be slightly loose on a rim, so getting it to seat is TOUGH! Another rim might be slightly smaller, making the inflation process one long search for where the air is leaking out.

Second, there’s the method. HOW do you get air into a U of rubber, and pressurized when there is none to start!? Especially when the tire isn’t perfectly mated with the rim!?

Traditionally, air compressors have been used to make all this magic happen. They deliver massive amounts of air at a high velocity, allowing for a sudden burst to go into a tire that might “snap” the tire in place. But what if that doesn’t work? What if my compressor doesn’t send air fast enough? What if I don’t have a compressor? Do I really have to buy a compressor to fill my mountain bike tires?!

It’s not an easy thing, and toting a compressor around is furthermore not an easy task. If you need to swap a tire quickly, you’re out of luck. And you can forget it if you’re at a race.

Then, Bontrager changed everything, and created the Flash Charger. Essentially, it’s a pump with a storage chamber, where you can store compressed air until you’re ready to release it at high velocity into a tire. This allows you to get fast airflow rates, much higher than a normal compressor, all in the form of a pump.

Not only does it work, but it works bang on EVERY time! I’ve been using mine for about a year now, and wow, what a game changer. It has completely restored my confidence in seating tires quickly, even before events if needed. I take it everywhere I travel so that I always have the convenience of the best pump and tubeless inflation tool in the world.

This is something every mountain biker should have. Forget about taking your bike to a shop every time you need a tire seated. The Flash Charger can get that done for you!