Mountain Bike Coach: Chris Beck

I've raced my bike a lot. But it is very rare when I win. Winning a race is a combination of many factors from equipment choice to conditions and preparation. In the past I've done a lot of research to make up for lack of experience. I've put in lots of rides and intervals to try to get in top form for races. Ultimately though, it was just a lot of research and intervals. It wasn't actual experience and actually specific training. I have known Chris Beck for quite a while as we both frequent the trails north of Baltimore. It wasn't until we started riding together more that I realized that he was not only an exceptional mountain biker and athlete, but he also was a coach.

This year, I've set some big goals for myself in racing, hoping to springboard off good results in 2013 to reach for higher heights in 2014. When I began working with Chris, I fully expected to get interesting workouts from him and improve my skills gradually. Fitness doesn't happen over the course of weeks, but months. I figured by late spring, he would have me in good shape, but that any gains would be baby steps, and marginal at best. And, I was completely wrong.

Every week Chris is talking to me about my equipment selection, my workouts and my skills. We've ridden together a bit and he has turned me from a competent bike driver, to one of the fastest in the area. Even mid winter, I've set power records and have nabbed some KOM's in the woods. His workouts are transforming my riding. Literally.

With skills, comes confidence. With confidence, comes speed. Mix that together with good fitness, and you get a wicked fast mountain biker. That is what Chris is pushing me towards. And its working. He's an excellent coach and a great guy to boot. Check him out at