Rudy Project

Glasses might be the most underrated piece of gear an athlete can use. Think about it, you need your vision to see what you're doing on a bike. If that vision is impaired, even for a split second, it can end your life. Isn't it of paramount importance then that we have the best vision we can?

Rudy Project - Pursue the Podium

That's what Rudy Project delivers. With unparalleled design for air movement, anti fogging, and photo-chromatic lens tinting, Rudy Project uses the best technology and designs to keep your vision clear. 

I've been hit in the face by a branches, bugs, rocks, and all kinds of other debris. Often times it happens when I'm going fast too, and need my vision to be completely unobstructed. Rudy Project is the best solution I've found to keep me safe, and my eyes on target.